Friday, November 15, 2013

The San Francisco Batkid!

Very rarely do I post about current events, mostly because I never know about them until they're past events. My TV is always on Netflix, Disney Junior, or Bravo (don't judge me, mommy needs her shows.). I'm on facebook plenty, but I tend to skim over news, because- let's face it- people are biased.

My husband and son are very much obsessed with Batman. Anything Batman. Seriously, my husband has a Batman wallet, multiple shirts, boxers, contact case, sunglasses.. and my son was Batman for Halloween this year. So, naturally, anytime I see anything Batman, I notice it. Well, I was skimming over my facebook last week when I saw a picture of an adorable little boy, Batkid. Here's a little information about Batkid, from an article this morning on KTVU.COM:
San Francisco has transformed into Gotham City Friday morning, fulfilling a special 5-year-old boy's wish as he comes to the city’s rescue as a tiny caped crusader.
5-year-old Miles, who lives with his parents in Tulelake in Siskiyou County, became Batkid as his adventures commenced at 10 a.m., but he’s already a superhero. The little boy has battled leukemia for most of his life and he’s winning. Miles is now in remission.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is making Miles’ dreams of becoming Batman, or Batkid, a reality.
"The wish he expressed carried so much in it. We are able to have fun with it, we'll be having a good time," said Eric Johnston of the Make-A-Wish foundation, who will be dressing up as Batman and accompanying Miles.
 I know it's somewhat difficult to wrap your head around the awesomeness of what actually happened. Let me lay it out for you.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with the city of San Francisco, CA, has made his dream come true. No joke. "They" turned San Francisco into Gotham City today. Newspapers, news stations, people, banks, buildings... There was a Batman who needed Batkid's help to save the city from The Riddler and The Penguin. They saved a damsel in distress, tied to some train tracks (trolley tracks, I assume). They got to ride in the Batmobile. He got the key to "Gotham" City. Even President Obama was following Batkid's story, and congratulated him on his big save.

I am moved to tears by San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I've always had faith in humanity, but this just makes my heart explode with happy.

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