Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Day You're In, and the Next Day, You're Out

"As you know in fashion-- one day you're in, the next day, you're out."
~Heidi Klum, every Project Runway episode ever in the history of forever.

This is important, because the fashion umbrella covers cosmetics just as much as it covers garments.

I remember going to tiny little boutique clothing stores with very cheaply made clothing in sizes that were so horribly inaccurate, and finding NYX eyeliner and small lipsticks. They used to be the cheapest makeup you could find. On par with Wet n' Wild and NYC. When people started talking about it again, I thought it was a joke.

As a contrast, I also remember going to Sephora when it used to be a fragrance creation boutique.
Remember when Sephora color coded their fragrances?
When they started adding makeup, my mind exploded... Urban Decay!! And Hard Candy!! Urban Decay boasted a gritty, grungy attitude for the kids coming into the makeup world riding on the flannel coattails of grunge. It was cute, but edgy. It was great quality, but it was affordable. 
The Hard Candy display at Sephora
Hard Candy was like the kid sister of Urban Decay, attracting a younger group, and inching into the brightly colored plastic jeweled world of ravers. They put plastic jewel rings on their nail polish! Hard Candy was one of my favorite brands of all time. The quality was incredible, it was fun, and it was all-around great brand!
I still have an original Hard Candy eyeshadow quad!
NYX has come a LONG way... and Hard Candy has fallen, well, hard. Nyx is rising to the top in every drug store out there. Beauty bloggers are singing its praises. Basically, I will be surprised if NYX isn't sold in Sephora within the next 5 years. And do you know where Hard Candy is now? Walmart. It's in Walmart.

Keep an eye on the future of fashion, because your favorite high end beauty brand could be on the bottom before you know it.

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