Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, the Facebook

There are certain things that bother me about facebook. I wouldn't say "facebook" bothers me, moreso the people that post on facebook, or the things that happen on facebook.

  • 1 Like = 10 Prayers
  • Share this if you believe in Jesus!
Here's the thing... I can guarantee you, your God isn't sitting around checking how many people 'like' photos for prayers, or in support of Jesus. "Sorry kids, not enough likes on the facebook today, no soup for you!"

  • Like and share if you agree!
I'm also pretty sure if someone agrees with whatever you posted, they'll like it; you don't have to tell them to do so.

  • Breast Cancer week! Put a heart on your wall, but don't tell anyone why!
Posting something stupid on your wall in support of this or that doesn't actually give support to whatever it is you're supporting. CRAZY, I know.

  • "I don't like it when you post things I disagree with."
Here's something else that might also strike you as crazy: not everyone shares the same beliefs you do. So being surprised when someone posts something you disagree with just makes you look crazy, not the person who posted it. Same with being shocked when someone doesn't agree with something you post. You know what's funny? There's this option in your news feed to either block a person from showing up in your feed, or hiding a certain post so you won't see any more updates on it. It's really cool. You should utilize it sometime.

  • "I'm doing _______."
Oh hey, you forgot to tell me what you were doing 4 minutes ago, but thanks for letting me know you're putting your laundry from the washer into the dryer right now. Glad to know you're keeping us all informed, because inquiring minds are just dying to know.

...Anyways, I'm sure there's more I could write on this subject of facebook, and I probably will, but for now this is where I leave it!
like dislike
Like... dislike... what does it matter?

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