Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To Be Continued

Controversial topics for future entries:

  • Birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Circumcision
  • Parenting
  • Tattoos
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Religion
  • ...and more. (To Be Continued...)

I bulleted the topics so I can remind myself of the things I'd like to write about. Before I do, though, I'd like to make a few things clear--

  • My opinions are educated.

This does NOT mean I know everything there is to know on the subject. All it means is, I've gone looking for answers, and have found answers from both sides of the issue, as well as facts surrounding the issue. I've researched each topic and have personal experience with each topic. If I do not, I will make it known in the post.  

  • I am open-minded.

I like learning, and I like debate. If you choose to comment I will respectfully listen to your educated opinion as long as you respectfully listen to mine.

  • I do not tolerate hatefulness of any kind.

If you choose to comment and attack the way I parent, the things I do, the decisions I make, or the opinions I have, or you do this to anyone else on here, you will be blocked, reported, and your comment will be removed. Life is way too short to be a jerk.

  • I love my children and my family more than I could ever describe.

All of my research has been done to educate myself on the best ways to raise my family. I strive to do the best for myself and my family every day of my life and I believe I am making the best decisions for them.

  • Some of these topics are sensitive.

I do understand the sensitivity of these topics and would like to take the time to clearly write my opinions and personal (or very close) experiences with each. I expect my experiences and opinions to differ from yours, and that is just fine, I completely accept that. I ask that you realize that, and if you choose to comment, please keep it in mind.

kids on soap box
I like soap boxes... they stack nicely.

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